A Chris Bertish Testimonial

A Chris Bertish Testimonial

Chris Bertish - ALL IN!

Recently All In!, a book by Chris Bertish, resurfaced in our offices and started circulating our desks.  Chris is an Ocean Pioneer, Mavericks Big Wave Surfing Champion, multiple world record holder, Guinness world record holder, conservationist and multiple award-winning film director. His book details his experiences paddling across the Atlantic Ocean. In the book Chris talks about his use of Stay Covered's XXL Big Wave leash.  Here is what he had to say.

On page 102 here is what Chris had to say about his use of our Surf Leash while crossing the Atlantic.

"I believe in living each day with the courage to try something new, but there is one thing that I would never risk, and that is going on deck without hooking on the harness with its 6ft emergency tether. It is fastened to the side of the craft and if I am swimming, I attach my 12ft Stay Covered big wave leash, which allows me to be four meters away from my craft at any time, but not further. Using both at the same time, the one a backup to the other, when things get wild - any time when the wind get over 20 knots, because if I get separated from the craft at any time, for more than 10 seconds, when the wind is over 8 knots, which is 90% of the time, the craft will drift faster than I can swim in my gear to catch it ... so my percentage rate of survival, if I get separated from my craft at any time when the wind is up, is not like 20% or 10%, its zero! I had to be vigilant all the time, every day, every night without fail."

Here is what Chris wrote to Mark, Owner/Founder of Stay Covered

"Mark, Thanks Mark for all the best leashes in the world ... They saved my life. - Chris Bertish"

If you haven't read Chris's book, we highly recommend it. Its a great, highly motivational read.



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