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New for the 2023 summer season and beyond.  The redesigned Stay Covered Standard surf leash features a stronger cuff, stronger hook and loop system, stronger stich pattern, and more durable rail saver.

Stay Covered has incorporated both nylon hook and molded hook to take advantage of both. Our new cuff takes features of the durability of nylon while utilizing the strength of the molded hook.  With an additional inch of grip, this ankle cuff is the strongest most lightweight cuff we've made yet.

Making these leashes in-house allows us to create a proprietary stich pattern eliminating ripping of the velcro.  The curved corners of the leash label eliminating the hard corners or the starting points of the velcro perforation.

Overall, this creates a stronger, more durable cuff.

The rail saver features an additional piece of webbing that provides extra strength around the leash string attachment creating a longer lasting leash.

Other features include:

- .270 (7mm) USA Made Polyurethane Cord
- Strain Relief USA Made Injection Molded Fittings
- Double 8mm Marine Grade Stainless Steel Swivel
- 1.5” Ankle Cuff
- Durable Marine Grade Velcro
- 4mm Double Wrapped Soft Neoprene Padding
- 1” x 6” Railsaver with Triple Wrap Velcro

Made in Oceanside, California USA