XXL Big Wave

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Due to high volume, these labor-intensive leashes, hand made in Oceanside, California, may take up to two weeks to be produced and shipped. Thank you for your patience!

Originally designed in 2005 for Waimea Bay, Todos Santos and Mavericks, our XXL big wave leash has morphed into the go to leash for any waves of consequence.  Now being used at breaks like Ocean Beach San Francisco, Sunset Beach, Pipeline and Puerto Escondido, surfers are finding that having a little added security gives that extra boost of confidence that is needed to make the commitment in larger waves.  Although still used at the majority of big wave breaks, Stand-up Paddlers have now taken to the leash when surfing overhead waves.  The added thickness and hand tied construction are the perfect blend of strength and stretch for the thicker, wider, heavier SUP boards. 


  • Hand Tied Eliminating Molded Endcaps
  • 2" Neoprene Padded Ankle Cuff
  • Long Webbing Reinforced Neck to Prevent Tangles
  • Embossed "Strata" Neoprene for Added Comfort
  • 1.5" Triple Wrap Velcro Rail Saver
  • Added Heat Shrink for Fin Cut Resistance
  • .350" USA Made Extruded Polyurethane Cord
  • 10mm Nickle Plated Brass Swivel

Made in Oceanside, California USA