Who is Stay Covered?

    Stay Covered was started in the early 90's by Mark Cappa, in his garage, making board bags for friends and family.  It was originally a way for his wife to make some extra income while staying home to take care of his two young in kids.  In the mid 90's, Stay Covered ventured into manufacturing leashes.
    Still in his garage, all leashes were made by hand tying the urethane and stitching them together with the same machines that were used to sew the board bags.
     Original Stay Covered Leash from the Mid 90's
    At the turn of the century Stay Covered had grown enough to warrant its own warehouse, and therefore rented a little room from Gary at Linden Surfboards. At this time Stay Covered continued to Manufacture leashes at our Oceanside location.  This is also when Gary Linden, a Todos Santos regular, pushed us to make thicker, stronger leashes that could handle the giant waves at the island.  It took a good amount of trial and error and a few balsa boards on the rocks until we had it perfected, and now, Stay Covered is the go to leash in waves of consequence.  Today Stay Covered still makes all our leashes in Oceanside, CA at the same location next to Linden Surfboards. We still make hand tied big wave leashes as well as small wave molded double swivel leashes.  All products get the same quality materials and professional workmanship that has brought Stay Covered to where it is today.
    New Location:
    3820 Oceanic Drive suite 311
    Oceanside, CA 92056
    Phone: 760-721-6599
    e-mail: sales@staycovered.com
    Instagram: @staycovered
    Facebook: @staycoveredsurf